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Linda Lamontagne
Self-taught artist (oil and acrylic)
Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci - Québec - Canada

Artistic method
Her work
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Linda Lamontagne






From her colorful universe, Linda Lamontagne presents here her oil paintings.

Self-taught, she adapts and agrees to be guided by inspiration. The artist uses shapes and multiple colors to express both movement and balance. The entire production shows a mastery of perspective drawing. With these chosen themes, she it introduces us to a day that, secretly, we wonder.

In a demonstration, the artist employs a quick gesture. The result is a dynamic analysis and synthesis in which we perceive the fulfillment of her passion.

Flexibility, spontaneity and creativity, three qualities that earned her to be selected for the
Fêtes Gourmandes de Lanaudière in 2008.

Over the years, several of her artworks have been acquired by collectors in municipalities and regions of Kamouraska, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Montreal and Quebec. Linda Lamontagne permanently display in galleries for several years.

Artistic method (VILLES)

Her creative process evolves, the world Fantaisiste « LES MAISONS QUI DANSENT » is no exception. By its quick drying acrylic offers her several avenues.

The play of colors is her greatest passion. The addition here and there or bright accents and darker areas suggest perspective. She begins a work try looking at her reference. Sketches and photographs to serve as a first draft of composition. The design is enriched and supported by notions of proportions 1/3 and 2/5. These are divided in the vertical and the horizontal.

The series «VILLES » is one that encourages her a pictorial dialogue. Between what she offers and what he offers her unconscious, creativity guides her work. The breaking point does not exist, life and the practice of her art is an eternal.


Offer you the pleasure to discover her...

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