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Linda Lamontagne
Self-taught artist (oil)
Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci - Québec - Canada

Artistic method
Her work
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Linda Lamontagne





Artistic method

Self-taught artist, my favorite theme is architecture. Shapes, volumes and perspective fascinates me.

To paint represents for me a harmonic challenge. The work as a whole must have a rhythm and balance, offer the observer a more than visual interest, carry it elsewhere. For a long time my practice has been figurative. Today I want it more suggestive.

My series of works "The Houses that dance" allowed me to make myself known.  In 2014, to diversify my subject and be more creative, I added to my production works representing the neighborhoods and buildings of Montreal. The big city is a place full of elements that suggest the times.

I take photos to increase my references and to capture details that escaped me. The majority of my large format works are painted in the studio. I prefer oil for sustained hues. I choose bright colors and dynamic lines adding movement to the treatment of the whole.

Traveling and painting on the pattern make me travel the regions. My participation in several symposiums allowed me to win several awards. Perseverance, the desire to always do better and better, to fulfill me makes me a happy person who transmits his happiness by painting every single day. 

My works are happier than reality.

Offer you the pleasure to discover her...

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